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An access control system

Maintaining security on site

Keep on top of who is entering and leaving your building

Monitor who enters your property

Access control systems keep you in charge

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to restrict access to areas of your business; the protection of money, goods or sensitive documentation is a prime reason. Access control also allows you to stop unauthorised personnel from mistakenly entered areas which may be harmful to them. Similarly, access control stops people not associated with your business from either deliberately intruding or 'cutting through' areas such as car parks, thus causing a health and safety risks.

As mentioned above, access control can help you to look after the goods and financial interests of your business as well as helping to protect sensitive records or keep unauthorised personnel away from harmful equipment or situations. Additionally, access control systems can be used to limit access to car parks and clubs.


Safeway Security is a reputable supplier of access control systems. Our clients have included hospitals, universities and military establishments.


What sort of access controls can we provide?

• Car Park Barriers

• Magnetic Stripe Readers

• Proximity Readers

• Wiegand Readers

• Bioscrypt/Finger Identification


Safeway Security Services offers complete access control systems. Call us on 01405 760 664 for enhanced security measures

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