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The danger posed by fire

Eliminate the risks from a fire

Catch the signs early with our smoke detectors

Fire is sometimes underestimated as a danger, perhaps because we are surrounded by literature and signage announcing fire hazards but rarely have a personal experience of fire. However this does not change the danger posed. Fires can spring up very quickly and cause very severe damage in a short space of time if not immediately controlled. Even more importantly, the danger to life posed by fire and smoke becomes extreme very quickly.


There are certain preventative measures which can reduce the risks of fire, including ensuring that buildings are kept tidy and flammable materials are properly stored. However, the importance of a good fire alarm system is clear.

Our experienced engineers have a wealth of experience in the installation and maintenance of fire detection systems for both the home and workplace environment.  With systems designed for the detection of either fire or smoke, our solutions can help to quickly alert you to a fire in your property. All of our fire detection systems conform to BS5839.

Fire detection systems

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Emergency lighting

Fires and other situations including storms can cause the abrupt failure of lighting systems. At best this is inconvenient, at worst it is dangerous.  Safeway Security installs and maintains emergency lighting systems. All lighting systems which we provide conform with BS5266 standards. Our design and installation services have been recognised in both civil and military environments.