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The nature of the intruder problem

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There are certain security situations which can be prevented by careful preparation. Fire can be averted by flaming-proofing or ensuring that flammable materials are carefully stored. Similarly, access control systems or vigilance can ensure that people do not enter into restricted areas through an innocent mistake. However, intruder prevention and repulsion require a different approach because diligent care cannot prevent them.


An intruder alarm system must combat the determination of an individual to gain access. When it comes to securing your property in this scenario, your first consideration will be to ensure that the system is professionally designed and installed.

Our expertise with intruders

We have a great deal of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of intruder detection systems tailored to the individual needs of your property. This is very important because there is no 'catch-all solution' for all buildings; the strengths and weaknesses of a building's security must be assessed and designed for accordingly. We carry a range of equipment in line with this understanding including Redcare GSM, Dual Com and Digi Dialler systems. These are all fully compatible with plug-in controllers. Prox Fob setting is available throughout our range. In addition, we can provide systems which will provide an immediate police response to intrusions.

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Our qualifications

Safeway Security's competence to deliver results is reflected in membership of the Ukas accredited SSAIB Inspectorate. We carry Certificates of Merit awarded by this body for excellence.  All procedures and products which we provide comply with European Standards and the PD6662 requirements for intruder alarms.

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